A lot of fans weren't super impressed with Mattel's initial preview images of its Movie Masters figures for The Dark Knight Rises, mostly because the Bane sculpt wasn't articulated. Judging from Toy Ark/HissTank's display photos taken at Toy Fair over the weekend, though, collectors can rest easy -- Bane looks right at home in the 6" line, sporting all the joints you'd expect. Joining the previously seen Batman and new Bane is a fully-articulated version of Catwoman sporting a recognizable Anne Hathaway likeness. It's also nice to see the line's buildable Bat-Signal, which is in-scale with the figures it'll come packed in pieces with. See what you think of The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters action figure reveals from Toy Fair, along with Mattel's official press images, after the cut.

[Via Toy Ark, Mattel]

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