While The Dark Knight Rises prologue won't be available to all audiences until Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol opens in IMAX cinemas this weekend, a great many Batman fans were able to sneak in an early viewing of the opening scene of Christopher Nolan's new film last night by following clues that were disseminated via the alternate reality game, The Fire Rises. Among those fans was ComicsAlliance's own Bethany Fong, who managed to get a hold of two t-shirts whose designs are believed to be exclusive to Tuesday night's screenings. As part of what the ARG calls "Operation Early Bird," Batman fans were led to a website where they could secure free passes to IMAX screenings of The Dark Knight Rises prologue all around the United States and Britain. Bethany tells us that the t-shirts were given out as fans entered the theater, and were available in two designs: LEGEND/Batman and END/Bane. Because she is a comic book fashion blogger of great worth, Bethany was able to secure both designs for her prodigious collection.

Of the prologue itself, Bethany wrote on her blog, Fashion Tips from Comic Strips:

The prologue itself was exciting, though Bane was a tad bit incoherent, which will hopefully be fixed in the final audio edit next year. Otherwise, the cluster of preview shots from TDKR at the end of the prologue definitely sent chills down my spine.

You can read more about The Dark Knight Rises prologue in our largely spoiler-free review.

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