If you want to see an artist with energy and range, feast your eyes on the sweet, sweet work of Darren Rawlings. Based in Toronto, Rawlings has contributed to Image's Pop Gun and other comics anthologies. As you can see from his sketch work, his creations look like they came from an art-producing hybrid clone of Kate Beaton and Ben Templesmith.Rawlings has been really into tiny heroes on his blog at Rawlsy.blogspot.com lately. He packs a ton of motion and Calvin and Hobbes-ish spunk into small spaces. Best of all, he's applied his approach to Captain America, Daredevil and Thor.

Rawlings' Ghost Rider, meanwhile, shows off his keen sense of coloring, blending his lighter comic sensibilities with the macabre. The Spirit of Vengeance is there in his archives with Mumm-Ra and a rethought Fantastic Four lineup. Check out some more below and let us know what you'd like to see him draw.