Not only is Cliff Chiang a brilliant artist, he's also filled with equally brilliant ideas. The John Hughes superhero mash-ups he did some months ago got a whole lot of attention, but as great as those illustrations were, I think they fall in the face of his latest project.

Over on his official website, Chiang revealed one of three propaganda posters he rigged up for the upcoming "Star Wars Galaxy: Series 5" trading card set. While one might immediately assume that Chiang would conjure up images sympathetic to the Rebellion, the artist went in the complete other direction and joined the Dark Side.

"While using Nazi propaganda would've been appropriate, it was actually more engaging for me to try and create posters that cast the Empire as saviors of the galaxy, especially on the heels of the Death Star 9/11 short," he argues. "The card backs also have some quotes from me in the guise of an unapologetic Imperial sympathizer. A really fun gig, and I hope to do more of these in the future."

If all I have to is join Darth Vader's side in order to get one of those posters, then where do I sign up?

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