Darwyn Cooke's next adaptation of Richard Stark a.k.a. Donald Westlake's Parker crime novel series has been confirmed. Slayground, the fourth of Cooke's Parker books following The Hunter in 2009, The Outfit in 2010 (which won Cooke an Eisner for best writer) and The Score in 2012 (nominated for an Eisner this year for Best Adaptation) will arrive in stores and on digital devices in December.

From IDW's official description:

In this newest graphic novelParker is put to the test against crooked cops and sleazy gangsters after a heist goes south and he finds himself trapped in an amusement park closed for the winter, and embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse… a game that slowly starts to favor the mouse.

The 14th of nearly 25 Parker novels by Westlake, Slayground was originally released in 1971 before receiving a live action film adaptation in 1983 starring Peter Coyote (renamed "Stone" for the movie).

“A boarded up amusement park was an inspired setting for Parker,” said writer/artist Darwyn Cooke in an official IDW press release, “and Westlake made the most of it. A great story that I’m enjoying the hell out of adapting.”

Interestingly, the first chapter of Slayground is shared with Stark's 1969 novel The Blackbird, which stars Alan Grofield from The Score on a solo adventure stemming from he and Parker's shared robbery scene.


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