Dave Ault got our attention last summer with a collection of stylish prints relevant to all manner of comic book and sci-fi interests. What we didn't see at the time, however, was the illustrator's series of art deco style travel posters spotlighting some of the DC Universe's most famous heroes and their residences. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and the Flash all bid tourists visit their respective cities (and in Wonder Woman's case -- island) of choice, while striking a noble, statuesque pose. The travel posters are currently available as 5x7" prints or 2x3" magnets at Ault's online store for $5 a pop in either format. Now, if only Ault would illustrate one of these travel posters featuring Justice League Detroit so I could get another quick Vibe fix. You can peep larger versions of Ault's DCU travel posters after the cut.

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