After reading the latest posts by Dave Gibbons from the past two weeks on the Warner Bros. sponsored Watchmen blog, I'm feeling a strong vibe that director Zach Snyder could be a good choice to helm the movie adaptation of this classic 80s tale after all.

Count me among the many comic folks who were very surprised Snyder's adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 was as enjoyable and interesting as it was. Still, Watchmen is one complex animal, and the track record of movie adaptations based on works written by Alan Moore to date has been poor at best, with V For Vendetta being the best of the lot.

That said, I can't help but think Watchmen would've been better served -- along with V and From Hell -- as a HBO limited run series a la Deadwood or Rome in formats that would have given producers enough flexibility, time and room to better capture and expand on the multi-tiered stories Moore told over the course of 12-issue series. But it's not my money on the line and nobody asked me.

Like the other films that came before it, I'll venture into Watchmen with expectations low and hope to be pleasantly surprised. And wonder when Hollyweird's appetite for superheroes will finally cease...

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