Cover to IDW's Speed RacerAs longtime readers of this site already know, I love me some Speed Racer. That said, it certainly came as a nice surprise to hear that IDW is planning the return of Speed to comics beginning in January with Speed Racer: Chronicles of the Racer. They're even plotting a generational saga, with writer Arie Kaplan and artist Robby Musso planning to explore Racers both known and unknown in these all-new adventures. quotes IDW honcho, Chris Ryall, as saying that the miniseries will "expand the entire Speed Racer legend. We look at the Speed Racers of the past-incarnations throughout history, from the Roman times to the medieval era, and even the swashbuckling high seas."

All of which has me thinking this miniseries could either be really cool ... or really lame. Fears aside, however, it's Speed Racer, it's a bold new direction, and it's comics, so you can bet I'll be tuning in next month to find out which way the wind blows.

While we're on the subject, for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, you've GOT to check out the super-sweet trailer for the upcoming movie, which premiered in HD on Moviefone last week.

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