Let's face it, as edgy and true to the real world as the Marvel Universe is-even compared to the new DCU-there just aren't all that many tattoos. David Tran seems to have picked up on this in his stunning redesigns of some prominent (and not so prominent) mutants. He's even cleaned up the X-Men's outcast among outcasts-Maggott.Tran's designs look like they owe a bit to Clayton Crain's darkened and refreshed X-Force costumes, as well as Frank Quitely's action-casual New X-Men attire. Jubilee, Cyclops, Storm and Shatterstar have all come under fire from Tran's art guns since he began dressing them up on his deviantART account.

We will warn you-he does have a couple of controversial picks on his X-team. Take for example Ben Reilly, also known as "Red Back." Luke Cage is on the squad as well. Reilly looks ready to pick some fights, though. Check them out and let us know what you think down below.