Batman is everywhere today, and I can't say it isn't well-deserved. After all, how many heroes are willing to "die," get sent back in time and wear caveman Batsuits and pirate gear in the name of justice?

DC's The Source blog has revealed your first look at "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne," with a character designs by artist Andy Kubert.

"The Return of Bruce Wayne" is a six issue series beginning in April, and will follow Wayne's journey back to present day Gotham City. Since he's presumed to be returning from the ancient past, my head is full of questions (do Omega Beam blasts transform you into an immortal? Give you temporal displacement powers? Is this a "Lost" thing?...).

Blog@ and The Beat have already pointed out the storyline's seeming "Elseworlds" inspiration given Batman's seeming penchant for period costume, but I personally trust Grant Morrison to give his story more articulation than Kenner's old school "Legends of Batman" action figure line.

Bats isn't the only one in the news today, however. Wonder Woman's upcoming 600th issue has a sharp new cover by George Perez, which will arrive in shops this summer. DC's Dan DiDio is promising big changes for the Amazon in 2010, and judging from her smile, they may not involve snapping necks.

Check out more images (including Pirate Batman) after the jump...Pirate Batman

"Wonder Woman" #600

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