The architects of the destiny of DC Comics' Emerald Warrior were all on hand today for a panel that filled in fans on what to expect from the Green Lantern line of comics over the coming months. Present were moderator and SVP Sales Bob Wayne, editor Brian Cunningham, Green Lantern writer/Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, Green Lantern Corps writer Peter J. Tomasi and Green Lantern: New Guardians writer Tony Bedard. Click below the jump for more information on the future of the White Entity and the white power ring, upcoming crossovers, the length of Kyle Rayner's tenure as a Green Lantern, the relationship between Hal Jordan nd Sinestro, the villains in the current Green Lantern Corps arc and a surprise announcement regarding Robot Chicken and DC Comics.

On Green Lantern: The Panel characterized the series in Sinestro's favor stating, "Sinestro [is] owning Hal every issue for now." Displayed art showed Hal Jordan smashing asteroids with a big grin on his face; Johns described the page as "Hal Jordan being an asshole" and Sinestro pointing it out. According to Johns the title will focus on Hal and Sinestro's tumultuous working relationship for the foreseeable future, promising Sinestro would teach Hal how to do something with the ring that "no Green Lantern has done before" in the third issue.

On Green Lantern the Animated Series: Johns talked up Cartoon Network's upcoming animated series and its tie-in comic book, stating that it's very well-written, confirming the appearance not only of the previously-known and all-new Red Lanterns but also of Larfleeze.

On Green Lantern Corps: When asked how his work on the New 52 with the Green Lantern Corps differs from his work before the initiative, Tomasi didn't have a lot to say. On how the New 52 affects the Green Lantern books, Tomasi pointed out that they haven't thrown out any past continuity and that the creative teams have been working hard to keep the books accessible.

On the current storyline, Tomasi revealed that the villains are called the Keepers, and they used to be tasked with maintaining the Green Lanterns' power lanterns; the Guardians have taken the lanterns back, and as a result they're somewhat displeased.

On Green Lantern: New Guardians: Bedard explained that this title is a great opportunity for him to explore all the different Lantern Corps and flesh them out past "a bunch of guys with rings that shoot different colors." As for why Kyle Rayner is the ideal protagonist for the series, Bedard explained that he's emotionally open in a way the other Green Lanterns aren't, which makes him uniquely positioned to interact with the other Lantern Corps.

On Red Lanterns: Cunningham explicated on the series' premise, where Atrocitus is attempting to figure out what to do with his life now that Hal Jordan killed Krona, who destroyed his homeworld, before he could. Realizing there's a universe filled with wrongs to right that require his brand of vengeance, Atrocitus continues the Red Lantern Corps, many members of which will be fleshed out in terms of their backgrounds in the series.

On the Upcoming Crossover: Johns stated that there was a new crossover between the Lantern titles coming up, and while they wanted to dial things back to focus on characters and interaction with the beginning of the New 52, there will be a Green Lantern event coming.

On Larfleeze: Geoff Johns stated that while he wanted to try to put the character on lock, he will be in Bedard's Green Lantern: New Guardians, and that when he returns to Green Lantern the readers will finally be able to learn the Orange Lantern oath.

The panel was then opened up to Q&A.

On Cowgirl: When asked about Hal Jordan's last girlfriend who he left to go play space cowboy, Johns stated that she kicked him to the curb upon his return to Earth, but fans might see her in an upcoming issue.

On G'nort: Johns stated that he was excised from continuity with the relaunch, pointing out that this also provided the opportunity for a new origin.

A fan dressed as Atrocitus asked the panelists, in a very deep voice, if they would sign his prop Dex-Starr.

On Kyle Rayner: When asked how long Kyle Rayner had been a Green Lantern in the new universe, Bedard said two years.

On the movie: When asked what he thought about the movie (to some boos), Johns asked the audience to simmer down and said that he was happy that the movie put the character in front of a new audience. He also provided some praise for the new Director's Cut version of the film, stating that it restores a number of emotional scenes that add a lot to the film.

On Plot Points from Brightest Day: Johns stated he put a lot of these plot points on the backburner for the New 52, but that in Green Lantern #3 readers will start getting hints on many of the plot points that have been dropped since, such as the location of the white ring and the identity of the first Green Lantern.

On a Red Lantern from Earth: Cunningham said there would be a Red Lantern from Earth (who was human, unlike Dex-Starr) coming up.

On Robot Chicken: Johns had to leave for the Robot Chicken panel for an announcement he also made at this one -- next year there will be a Robot Chicken DC Comics special.

On Female Lanterns: When asked if there would be a female Green Lantern from Earth coming up, the writers seemed noncommittal but did not dismiss the idea, although Bedard pointed out that Earth is "lousy with Green Lanterns" and "you can't swing a dead Dex-Starr without hitting a Green Lantern."

On Sodam Yat: Tomasi said that they while he was building up to things with the character, they don't want to move back to ongoing plotlines from the pre-New 52 incarnations of the book, so Tomasi had to "kill his baby" in a sense by dropping the story for now.

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