After its unveiling earlier this week, we noticed Amazon's new Kindle Fire device might be a solid comics reader option. DC Comics' principal digital partner, comiXology, was and is ready to roll on the device, with its Comics app logo sitting pretty in Amazon's official press photos of the Fire, which also featured images of DC Comics products like Watchmen and Superman: Earth One. As it turns out, DC Comics will be offering its products to Kindle Fire users directly through Amazon's Kindle store. What's more, those products will be of the long demanded "digital trade" variety, i.e. graphic novels and collected editions, as opposed to 20-24-page single issue periodicals. These DC digital products will be available exclusively on the Kindle Fire.

Watchmen and Superman: Earth One are available for pre-order now in the Kindle Store, each priced at $9.99, which is 50 percent less than the print versions. As part of its deal with Amazon, DC will make 100 graphic novels/collected editions available at launch exclusively in the Kindle Store, with more to follow. Those include books from DC's WildStorm and Vertigo imprints as well as MAD Magazine. and you can check out the full list after the cut."We're thrilled to work with the leader in digital books to bring many of the world's most beloved and best-selling graphic novels to Kindle readers," stated Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Entertainment, in a press release posted to The Source. "We've learned from the success of DC Comics – The New 52 that making our graphic novels available whenever and wherever our readers want is critical to the future growth and health of our publishing businesses–both in print and digital format."

It's uncertain at this time whether Lee's "whenever and wherever our readers want" remark applies to iPad users, who've certainly made up a huge component of DC's digital comics business so far. Traditionally, iPad users have been able to purchase and enjoy Kindle products via Amazon's Kindle app for Apple's iOS devices. We are presently investigating whether that popular function will apply to DC's Kindle comics, but it seems likely that it will.

There's sure to be more on this story in the coming days, but for now check out the list of DC graphic novels and collected editions the publisher plans on issuing via Amazon's service. There are the perennials like Watchmen, All Star Superman and The Dark Knight Returns, but also multiple volumes of key WildStorm titles like Planetary and Vertigo hits like The Sandman, Y: The Last Man and critical favorite Daytripper. There are even products from MAD.

All Star Superman

All Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder, Vol. 1

American Vampire Vol. 1

Batman and Robin, Vol. 1: Batman Reborn

Batman and Robin, Vol. 2: Batman vs. Robin

Batman and Robin, Vol. 3: Batman Must Die!

Batman and Son

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Hush

Batman: R.I.P.

Batman: The Black Glove

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Batman: The Long Halloween

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman: Year One

Blackest Night

Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1

Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 2

Blackest Night: Rise of the Black Lanterns

Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps

Brightest Day, Vol. 1

Brightest Day, Vol. 2

Brightest Day, Vol. 3


Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile

Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm

Fables Vol. 3: Storybook Love

Fables Vol. 4: March of the Wooden Soldiers

Fables Vol. 5: The Mean Seasons

Fables Vol. 6: Homeland

Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days)

Fables Vol. 8: Wolves

Fables Vol. 10: The Good Prince

Fables Vol. 11: War and Pieces

Fables Vol. 12: The Dark Ages

Fables Vol. 13: The Great Fables Crossover

Fables Vol. 14: Witches

Fables Vol. 15: Rose Red

Green Lantern Vol. 3: Wanted Hal Jordan

Green Lantern: Agent Orange

Green Lantern: Blackest Night

Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns

Green Lantern: Rebirth

Green Lantern: Secret Origin

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War

How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less

Identity Crisis

Kingdom Come

MAD About Oscars

MAD About Superheroes

MAD About Superheroes

MAD About the 50′s

MAD About the 60′s


Planetary Vol. 1: All Over the World and Other Stories

Planetary Vol. 2: The Fourth Man

Planetary Vol. 3: Leaving the 20th Century

Planetary Vol. 4: Spacetime Archaeology

Superman for All Seasons

Superman: Earth One

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

The Flash: Rebirth

The Joker

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 1)*

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 2 )*

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes

The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's House

The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country

The Sandman Vol. 4: Season of Mists

The Sandman Vol. 5: A Game of You

The Sandman Vol. 6: Fables and Reflections

The Sandman Vol. 7: Brief Lives

The Sandman Vol. 8: World's End

The Sandman Vol. 9: The Kindly Ones

The Sandman Vol. 10: The Wake

The Sandman: Dream Hunters

The Sandman: Dream Hunters (P. Craig Russell)

The Sandman: Endless Nights

The Unwritten Vol. 1: Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

The Unwritten Vol. 2: Inside Man

V for Vendetta



Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1: Unmanned

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 10: Whys and Wherefores

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2: Cycles

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 3: One Small Step

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 4: Safeword

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 5: Ring of Truth

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 6: Girl on Girl

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 7: Paper Dolls

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 8: Kimono Dragons

Y: The Last Man, Vol. 9: Motherland

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