The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was run to the window, throw open the sash, and ask a young urchin to tell me what day it was, and when he told me that it was only September 9, I rejoiced, for I had not missed Batman Day!

Of course, I have always resolved to keep Batman Day in my heart year round and honor it each and every day of my life, but that's more of a personal thing. For the official version, we can all look forward to September 26, when DC teams up with comic shops, libraries and bookstores for a celebration of the Dark Knight, including giving away free copies of Batman: Endgame Special Edition, with new covers by Jason Fabok and Jim Lee.


Amazon variant by Jim Lee
Amazon variant by Jim Lee


As the title implies, the Special Edition will be a reprint of Batman #35, the first chapter of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Endgame, tying into that story's hardcover release on September 16. It'll also have a brand-new eight-page story by Snyder, James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel, setting up Batman & Robin Eternal's launch next month.

The comic will be available for free at participating retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Books a Million, FYE, Gamestop, Hastings, Hot Topic, Spencers, with digital editions from Amazon, Comixology, and Google Play, and according to DC's press release, each store will have their own exclusive cover in addition to the one you can pick up at your local comic book shop. No word yet on whether all of them will feature Batman standing in some weather, or if that's just for the BAM and Amazon covers that we're debuting exclusively!

DC has also promised activities and giveaways, as well as signings and appearances by Batman creators:


Signings and meet-and-greets with top Batman talent including an all star line-up at Baltimore Comic-Con with Scott Snyder, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Peter Tomasi, Cully Hammer, and Klaus Janson. Additional Batman day signings include acclaimed artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee (Los Angeles), Greg Capullo (Guilderland, NY), Tom King (Baltimore), Paul Dini (Los Angeles), Tim Seeley (Chicago), Dan Jurgens (St. Paul), Brenden Fletcher (Toronto, ON), Sean Murphy (Brooklyn) Len Wein (Los Angeles), Chris Burnham (Burbank), Ray Fawkes (Toronto, ON), Pat Gleason (St. Paul), Brian Buccellato (Los Angeles), Kyle Higgins (Los Angeles), Matt Manning (Asheville, NC), Daniel Wallace (Eden Prarie, MN), with many more to be announced.


For more information, keep an eye on DC's official Batman Day site. And make sure to clear your calendar --- you do not want a visit from the Ghost of Batman Day Past tonight teaching you a lesson about how you should be reading more comics.


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