The latest "New 52" cancellations are in. As confirmed by today's official solicitations for September from DC Comics, Voodoo, Captain Atom and Resurrection Man are joining Justice League International as outgoing ongoings.On Friday the publisher announced the pending release of four new "New 52" titles, which immediately sparked speculation as to which of the publishers current titles would be canned since DC's line has a very specific "52" in its name, and thus can't exactly add new titles without canceling old titles... at least not without rebranding the line as, I don't know, "The Quick-Fix 56" or "The Revived 55" or something.

As usual, DC has been releasing solicits in groups throughout the day, leading up to the full release at 5 p.m. Three books carry the "FINAL ISSUE" tag amid the PR info: Captain Atom, Resurrection Man and Voodoo, which join the previously canceled Justice League International and the first half-dozen New 52 books to be canceled known as "The Condemned Ten."

None of the four cancel-ees are terribly surprising given their relatively low monthly sales. If there are any surprises, it may be the titles that weren't canceled.

The low-selling Blue Beetle, for example (which, like Resurrection Man, was a sort of do-over of a rather short-lived character who hadn't really been around long enough to necessitate a reboot) and Demon Knights (which is of the same genre as the new Sword of Sorcery) seemed like similarly positioned titles for the chopping block. Lower-selling titles that may have also fit the bill include Catwoman, Birds of Prey and Batwing. As the poorest-selling of the many Batman books, Batwing's cancellation would make conceivably room for the new Batman spin-off, Talon. As of September, the number of monthly Batman-related titles is up from 12 to 13, meaning Bat books now account for a full 25 percent of the entire DC line.

Perhaps Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Grifter, "The Savage" Hawkman and the various Legionnaires ought to be looking nervously over their shoulders, and crossing their fingers that no one comes up with a compelling pitch for an Ace The Bat-Hound, Spoiler and The Black Bat or Alfred Pennyworth: Agent of The Bat ongoing series...

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