When action figures and vinyl collectibles based on your favorite DC heroes aren't enough, you can always turn down the more prestigious statue road. Sure, they're a bit pricier than a six-inch figure, but they bring a certain air of respectability to your collection. Anyone can buy an action figure. It takes a refined eye to know which statues will make a collection pop even more. Probably. I just usually buy the ones that look the coolest.

Today, we're debuting a few of those cool pieces from DC Collectibles upcoming slate of statues, courtesy of DC Comics. We've got the first look at three upcoming statues from DC Collectibles' Cover Girls, Icons and Super-Villains lines, featuring designs from Jim Lee and Stanley Lau. We've also got a bit more detail on the upcoming Wonder Woman: The Art of War by Bruce Timm statue.


DC Collectibles


The DC Cover Girls line has seen several artists take charge of the design over the years, with the Adam Hughes' versions still fetching a princely sum on second-hand markets. The last few pieces have all come from the mind of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, including mainstays like Batwoman, Black Canary and Wonder Woman. Now he's turned his attention to a classic costume interpretation of Power Girl.

Sculpted by Jack Mathews, Power Girl is a bit reserved in this pose, looking strong and powerful and ready to fight. At 9.75" tall, that keeps her just under 1/6 scale. Not too big for shelves, but also large enough to make an impact visually. The Cover Girls Power Girl is due to arrive in April 2016 for $100, with a run of 5200.


DC Collectibles


Where the Cover Girls line has been exclusively women, the DC Icons statue series has mixed up the heroes and villains of both sexes. Based on the incarnations of the New 52 and beyond, the Icons line so far has seen characters like Batman and Superman, as well as Aquaman and Joker get their due in 12" form. The Deadshot statue (sculpted by David Giraud) isn't the first time the character has been rendered in a high-end collectible form, but it is the first time we're seeing his latest Suicide Squad iteration.

While I'm still a fan of his original comic look, the armored version that's been so prevalent in the New 52 era does still have some style. The shoulder pads might be a bit much, but the detailing by Giraud does faithfully recreate the assassin quite well. The DC Comics Icons Deadshot statue will be available for $100 in April 2016, and has a run of 5200.


DC Collectibles


There have been many incarnations of the Joker over the years, but gung-ho military Joker is one I can't say I've seen before. Designed by Jim Lee (sculpted by Alejandro Pereira), the DC Comics Super-Villains Joker bust puts the clown prince of crime in his best Call of Duty cosplay. The Joker isn't quite known for being a militaristic character, especially in recent storylines, but it's certainly a unique interpretation.

The base is actually really sharp, with the "Ha-ha" building up the bust. The "Bang" flags also stay true to the character, even in the improbable Rambo pose. The Joker bust will be available in April 2016 for $50, and has a run of 2500.


DC Collectibles


While DC Collectibles sneakily announced this Wonder Woman: Art of War by Bruce Timm piece last week, they kept mum on the major details. Due out in April 2016 (can you sense a theme here yet?), the statue lets Timm put his spin on a character that he hasn't devoted much time to in a singularly-focused capacity. Sure, Diana's appeared on the various animated series Timm spearheaded, but very few collectibles exist portraying Wonder Woman in Timm's immediately recognizable style.

Sculptor Jonathan Matthews brings Timm's linework to life quite well, and it brings the classic look to life in its simplest form. There will be just 5200 produced at $80 a pop, and judging how Timm statues have performed in the past, you may want to stake a claim to this one as early as possible.