My breakfast these days usually consists of a cup of coffee and that feeling of crushing despair that comes from a new Funky Winkerbean strip, so I'll freely admit that I might not be eating as healthfully as I probably should. It's just that I don't have time, you understand -- if I were to sit down with a bowl of cereal, there might be a few minutes at the start of my day where I wasn't thinking about comics.

Now, General Mills -- who I am reliably informed is not a new militaristic windmill-themed supervillain, which really seems like a missed opportunity -- has set out to correct that deficiency with its second teamup with DC Comics since 2011. Starting this month and running 'til the end of April, cereals like Honey Nut Cheerios and Trix are going to come bundled with new comics about the Justice League. And the thing is, they actually look really fun.


General Mills DC Comics Press Release


The cereal boxes also come with a cut-out mask and an encouragement to snap a picture of yourself striking a superheroic pose and sending it over to General Mills, because this is 2014 and you literally cannot eat breakfast without having to make a #socialmedia #hashtag out of it, but the real attraction here (for us, anyway) is the actual comics.

Believe it or not, the cereal comics have pretty strong creative teams, including the likes of longtime Superman writer-artist Dan Jurgens, former Supergirl writer Sterling Gates, and Josh Williamson, who's no stranger to DC's licensing department as the creator of my single favorite superhero of the New 52, The Technician, who used the Sears™ Craftsman™ Bolt-On System™ to rescue the Justice League back in 2012. He's once again teaming with artist Christian Duce for the cereal comics, and one of them is about Wonder Woman exploring the secret base that Ares built on Mars to defend Earth from aliens, so I'm pretty comfortable in saying that these might actually be the best DC comics of the year.

Also worth noting: Everyone is wearing their "classic" pre-New-52 costumes, presumably because Superman's armor and Batman's Batman-Shaped Kneepads are a little too much to deal with over the most important meal of the day.


General Mills DC Comics
General Mills/DC Comics


For those of you who want to sample the comics without taking the risk of buying an entire box of cereal, head over to for a look at the comics. Be warned, though -- these are actually short sequels to the ones you can find in your Cheerios, so you may literally be spoiling your breakfast.

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