Dawn Of Breakfast: Superman And Batman Battle In Cereal Form
I might not be sold on the actual movie, but there's one undeniably great thing about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Merchandising! With the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel returning to the screen later this month, you can't walk into a department store --- or even a grocery store --- without a veritable assault on the senses from action figures, clothes, and breakfast cereals bearing the likenesses of some of your favorite superheroes. That's right, everyone: Breakfast cereals. It seems that General Mills has decided to capitalize on the upcoming movie by releasing two limited edition cereals. The only problem is, most of us only eat breakfast once each day, which means that the real battle between the two heroes is going down with milk in a bowl. Join me as I delve into both cereals and determine who will rule as the greatest superhero who is also part of a balanced breakfast.
ComicsAlliance Vs. The DC Comics Monster Cereal Redesigns
If there's one thing I've learned in a lifetime of reading, selling, making and writing about comics, it's that people who like comic books also tend to have a pretty healthy interest in breakfast foods. That, I assume, is why the people at General Mills decided to spice up their annual revival of the Monster Cereals -- Boo Berry, Franken Berry and the immortal Count Chocula -- with a set of redesigns for their principal characters, courtesy of artists Jim Lee, Dave Johnson and Terry and Rachel Dodson. In other words, your breakfast just got a New 52 reboot. The whole thing is even marketed as a co-production between General Mills and DC, with the former presumably handling the cereal while the latter concentrated on art. Obviously, this means that these cereals are technically an edible DC Comics title, so with Halloween creeping up on us like a restless spirit, I have taken it upon myself to examine the new look for the spoooookiest of breakfast cereals to find out just how these new designs hold up to the originals.
DC Comics And General Mills Team Up For More Cereal Comics
My breakfast these days usually consists of a cup of coffee and that feeling of crushing despair that comes from a new Funky Winkerbean strip, so I'll freely admit that I might not be eating as healthfully as I probably should. It's just that I don't have time, you understand -- if I were to sit down with a bowl of cereal, there might be a few minutes at the start of my day where I wasn't thinking
Phil Postma Makes Cereal Box Art Super [Art]
Artist Phil Postma, who recently brought his toon style to a September variant cover on IDW's Judge Dredd series, has posted a series of images to his blog of some sadly fictional cerealsSuperman fans may soon be clamoring to make real. Cereal manufacturers Kellogg's, General Mills and Post will want to pay heed, too, as the artist's design work stands head and shoulders above most super market aisle fair. Most CA readers probably couldn't walk past boxes bearing these designs without filling a shopping cart... or three.
‘Justice League’ Comics Getting Packed In General Mills Cereal Boxes Through The Fall
For those who dig DC Comics and regularly chow down on General Mills' breakfast cereals, the coming months could be particularly sweet. According to The New York Times, DC and General Mills have teamed up for an in-box promotion that puts a free series of four original 24-page Justice League comics inside specially-marked boxes of Big G cereals like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky
Star Wars Cereal Boxes Finally Give Greedo The Merch He Deserves
Star Wars collectors looking to round out their cereal box runs will have a few new somethings to shelve next to their Kellogg's C-3PO's this year. Count Dooku, Greedo, Jabba the Hutt and others will all see their likeness used on miniature one-serving containers, and the resulting titles are teeming with intergalactic hilarity...