Anyone who follows Geoff Johns' Twitter feed (especially in the wee hours of the morning) knows that the "Green Lantern" and "Flash" writer's love of comics can only be rivaled by his seeming addiction to sugar.

Slurpees and candy bars are self-proclaimed favorites, but ultimately it was Johns' love of breakfast cereal that inspired one of the finest comic book/mascot mash-ups the Internet has ever seen:

Blackest Breakfast!

Created by Jeremy Wojchihosky and submitted to Johns himself, the meme deserves top honors for successfully assembling a cast of cereal's biggest names for a rendition of Green Lantern's most colorful crossover event to date.

My favorite detail? The inclusion of Quisp as a Black Lantern (his line was discontinued ages ago only to be revived in extremely limited quantities in 2008).

Who else do you think would fit in with this cast of breakfast lanterns?

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