Gaming: G4's Kevin Pereira talks to NetherRealm Studios' Creative Director Ed Boon about the title and gameplay of the upcoming DC Comics fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us at E3. [G4]

Movies: Is Black Panther the next Marvel Hero to get the feature film treatment from Marvel Studios? Latino Review thinks so. [LR]

Upcoming: Andrews McMeel will release a paperback edition of Bill Watterson's The Complete Calvin and Hobbes in November for a retail price of $100. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Video: The Gotham Preacher is taking to the streets to preach the word of Batmanism, noting the false prophecy of Clooney. [The Beat]

Music: Kirby Krackle have released their latest single, "Web-Slinger/Hope-Bringer," just in time for this month's release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie. [KK]

Comics: Beasts of Burden gets an awesome animated trailer from its French publisher, Delcourt. [Beyond Comics]

Glasses: Depending on your tastes, ThinkGeek's caped Superman and Batman pint glasses are either genius or potentially dangerous. [Gizmodo]

Animation: Back in 1968 Post was pondering the licensed cereal game and a few animatics were produced for different sugary breakfasts that never made it past the pitch stage. The above video for Casper "Ghosties" probably sums up why. Sugar Chex got the Casper treatment a few years later, though. [Cartoon Brew]

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