DC Comics' kids line may include titles like "Super Friends" and "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," but there's never too many avenues to hook youngsters on the magic of superpowered adventuring. With that in mind, the publisher has partnered with Capstone Imprint Picture Window Books for six new children's books starring the DCU's most powerful pets illustrated by none other than "Tiny Titans" maestro (and Eisner winner) Art Baltazar. Can I get an "Aw Yeah!?"

The six children's chapter books will run a release schedule spanning 2011-2012 and serve as something of a springboard for 24 total titles.

So far titles include "Pooches of Power" starring Ace the Bat-hound and Krypto, "Midway Monkey Madness" starring Gleek and Beppo, "Heroes of the High Seas" starring Aquaman's seahorse Storm, octopus Topo and seal Ark, "The Fastest Pet on Earth" starring Wonder Woman's kangaroo friend Jumpa, "Super Hero Splashdown" pitting Green Lantern B'dg against Dex-Star and more, and "Royal Rodent Rescue" starring Supergirl's cat Streaky.

See the new book covers and character designs after the jump.

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