It goes without saying that there are a lot of great superhero comics out there, but it's always fun (and a little bit of a bummer) to see the great comics that didn't come out. Not every pitch is accepted, after all, and while a lot of them never leave the planning stages, there a few that make it all the way to being drawn, and sometimes, they are truly fantastic.

Case in point: A ten-apage story that animation artist Louie del Carmen and illustrator Bobby Chiu created a few years back for "a proposed Superman anthology" that never saw print. It did, however, make it all the way to roughs, and this week, del Carmen posted them on his website, telling the full story of Superman and Krypto teaming up to bust an illegal interstellar zoo. And it is pretty great.



Given that it's a ten-page story meant for an anthology series (which, if I had to guess, would probably be the sadly canceled Adventures of Superman), it's unsurprising that del Carmen and Chiu would opt for a simple, straightforward story. What's amazing, though, is how well they manage to nail the character of Superman in that simple sequence.



There's a lot of great action in there, too, and it's a testament to how much you can do with ten pages and a simple idea when you trim things down to their purest components. Even the rough, unfinished pages have a beautiful kind of energy to them.

The entire story can be read at del Carmen's website, and it's well worth checking out!