DC Comics announced two brand new digital comics formats Tuesday evening, one that might look somewhat familiar to readers of Marvel's Infinite Comics, the other which puts a new spin on the classic "choose your own adventure" book.

DC2, which will feature actions such as word balloons and sound effects popping up when readers swipe their screens, will debut in writer Jeff Parker and artist Jonathan Case's Batman '66 series later this summer. DC2 Multiverse, which enables readers to choose different paths through a comic story, will first appear in a Batman: Arkham Origins video game tie-in comic.

DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee told Variety that the DC2 Multiverse format is meant to mirror what video gaming is about: choices.

"When we're trying to attract different audiences and people who are into our characters and not necessarily into our comics, this is a way to get into it."

Lee didn't specifically compare the DC2 format to Marvel's Infinite Comics, but the concept seems to be basically the same. He did say it would remind readers of the classic Batman TV show, which was famous for its onomatopoeia graphics during fight scenes.

"What's cool is that you really get to challenge the rules of traditional storytelling," Lee told Wired. "You aren't beholden to a strict left to right western culture narrative. You can have elements that leap back and forth."

[Via Variety and Wired]

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