Yesterday The Wall Street Journal posted a profile video wherein DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson discussed her role overseeing the company and its multiple divisions. The big pull quote for WSJ was Nelson's comment that she wasn't a "comic book reader," which is easy to understand in the context it's said -- Nelson didn't come into her current job as a lifelong comic book fan, but rather applies her expertise as a former President of Warner Premiere and a brand manager for WB's Harry Potter brand to DC's comic book and multimedia efforts. The big pull quote for ComicsAlliance comes from Nelson mentioning that Wonder Woman is her favorite character. You know, the character who was prominently snubbed on Sunday amid a flurry of other films said to be in-development that came tacked on to WB's Justice League movie announcement?

"I always joke that they're all like my children so I love them all, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that Wonder Woman has an affinity for me," said Nelson when asked about her favorite DC characters, "She's an incredibly strong representative woman. So when I think about women in business and that balance between compassion and being a warrior, there's just a lot in the character that really resonates for me."

Warner Bros. President of Worldwide Marketing Sue Kroll told WSJ that there were "no plans" for a Wonder Woman movie, even as Shazam, Metal Men, 100 Bullets and Fables prepare for films."With the right script, that could be viable," said Kroll, "The world is ready for her." All this despite last week's Ask Chris column that so neatly pitches the recipe for success (at least to sell a ticket and/or Blu-ray to Chris Sims). Go figure.

Gal Gadot will be debuting as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel currently being called Batman Vs. Superman, and almost assuredly starring in its Justice League followup. Warner Bros. having no plans for a WW spinoff appears a bit unseemly in such a promising cinematic space. Principal competitor Marvel Studios hasn't acted as a leader with female-led comic book films, although it has confirmed that a solo Black Widow film is at least in development.

Warner Bros. has made two attempts to bring Wonder Woman to TV in the past few years. David E. Kelley's would-be WW TV series starring Adrianne Palicki made it as far as the pilot stage (with its costume winding up on another show later on), while The CW's Smallville-like take on the character, Amazon, never made it out of development.

When discussing the state of DC, Nelson spelled out some accomplishments, citing numerous changes since she started at DCE in 2009.

"We are as strong as the company has ever been in its history in publishing. We've created a new business in digital. We have an online and social media presence we've never had before. We have a strong collectibles business," Nelson said.

Nelson's comments are on the money in terms of how the company has changed under her leadership. Though fans are of many minds about the quality of DC's comics since the "New 52" launch in 2011, Nelson's comments about DC's advances in the digital and multimedia spaces are sound. So how about the next few years?

"It's figuring out how we get more books in front of more people. How we get young people to love these characters as much as the core fanboys, or girls, as the case may be," said Nelson "And it's about figuring out with our partners in the other divisions how we make great film and television and video games."

That all said, given all of her other successful efforts at DC, Nelson seems to be in the Amazonian princess' corner for a feature film or other prominent multimedia project... even if it may or may not line up with Sims' pitch.

[Via WSJ]

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