With the previous success of Smallville and the current buzz around its latest hit Arrow, it's no surprise that the CW is looking to expand on its DC comic line-up. Unfortunately for Wonder Woman fans, it looks like we're all going to have to wait a little longer to see the televised origins of Diana Prince.According to Deadline Hollywood, the Wonder Woman origin show Amazon has been passed on by CW execs. The word around the television campfire is that they felt the project needed more time, but if they are happy with the new draft of the pilot, it may get pushed into production sooner.

Currently, Amazon is being produced and written by Young Avengers writer and The_O.C. creator Allan Heinberg, who had relaunched Wonder Woman for DC Comics after the 2005-2006 crossover event, Infinite Crisis.

Wonder Woman's failed to get much standalone attention on the small screen since Lynda Carter's 1975-1979 portrayal of the braceleted badass, meaning Amazon is probably the heroine's best shot at a proper live action portrayal of Dianna since NBC's most recent (failed) attempt back in 2011. Of course, there's always the elusive Justice League movie.

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