It's exactly two weeks until DC Comics releases Justice League #1, just the first of no fewer than 52 new series launching or relaunching in September as part of "The New 52," a bold and controversial initiative whereby the publisher is retooling, redesigning and in some cases wholly rebooting many of its classic titles and characters in an effort to aggressively engage new readers. The move has inspired commentary, celebration and consternation of all kinds, from reasoned analysis to pithy fashion critiques.

Among the memorable reactions to DC's "The New 52" is DC Fifty-Too, a website dedicated to showcasing the DC icons as interpreted by talents from the world of indie comics. Artists from across indie comics and the Web were invited to create an issue #1 cover for any DC character or concept, and the results have been excellent.DC Fifty-Too is managed by cartoonist Jon Morris (Jeremy), and thus far includes work from artists Benjamin Marra, Indigo Kelleigh, Marc Palm, Matthew Allison, Robert Wilson IV, Ryan Cody, T J Kirsch and Thomas Perkins. In addition to great artwork, some of the cartoonists of The New Fifty-Too, notably Ryan Cody, have also included detailed premises for their imagined series.

Four new covers will be published every weekday until the August 31st debut of Justice League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, so make sure to bookmark the site or follow the ComicsAlliance Tumblr, for we will certainly be rolling them out there as well.

For now, enjoy this sampling of DC Fifty-Too.

Indigo Kelleigh is a Portland, Oregon cartoonist and creator of fantasy webcomic The Circle Weave, a co-founder of the Stumptown Comics Fest, and is currently busy with the fast-paced paranormal romp The Adventures of Ellie Connelly, for which he is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. You can see more of Indigo's work at his website, Lunar Bistro.

Blue Devil was created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn and Paris Cullens.

Benjamin Marra is the notorious, controversial and influential creator of the comic books NIGHT BUSINESS, GANGSTA RAP POSSE and THE INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC ADVENTURES OF MAUREEN DOWD (A WORK OF SATIRE AND FICTION). Marra's comic books have drawn comparison to mainstream masters Jim Steranko and Paul Gulacy as well as underground comix legends R. Crumb and Spain Rodriguez. Marra's illustration work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, The Society of Publication Designers, American Illustration and the Art Directors Club. Some of his clients include Playboy, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Marvel Comics, Vice, Nylon, Widen+Kennedy and McCann-Erickson. Marra's work is beyond the cutting edge. It is in the cut itself. His website is here.

The New Gods were created by Jack Kirby.

Ryan Cody is an artist and writer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Past and current projects include his self-published ICARUS comic, VILLAINS for Viper Comics as well as contributing to the Eisner-Award winning anthology, Popgun Vol.3, from Image comics. His website is here.

Matthew Allison is an illustrator and comic book artist working in Denver, CO. The most valuable comic he owns is a NM Flaming Carrot #1. If anyone is interested in buying this comic it is NOT FOR SALE!

However, his comic book Calamity of Challenge can be purchased by checking out his website at, or you can just go there and read the thing for free, cheapskates.

The Creeper was created by Steve Ditko. Swamp Thing was created by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson.

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