Created in 1964 by Bill Everett and Stan Lee --- with substantial input from Jack Kirby and Wally Wood --- Daredevil has been brought to life on the page by an extraordinary roster of comics greats, including Gene Colan, David Mazzucchelli, Frank Miller, Alex Maleev, and, in recent years, Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera, and Marcos Martin. The striking red suit that he's worn since his seventh appearance is one of the best costumes in comics, and creates an irresistible contrast against the grime of Hell's Kitchen. For this special gallery, we've picked out some of our favorite Daredevil pin-ups and images to pay tribute to ol' hornhead.

Daredevil may not be the most famous urban vigilante in comics, but he occupies a unique place thanks to his oft-explored relationships with justice, with god, with failure, and with women. Other vigilantes have sidekicks; Daredevil has dead lovers. Rather than try to live up to the memory of his lost parental figures, lawyer Matt Murdock has an altogether more complex relationship with the legacy of his late father. Daredevil's story has often been by a very Catholic sense of tragedy and guilt.

But he's also a hero, who sometimes exalts in his successes or the freedoms afforded to him by his abilities, and his radar senses give him a unique relationship with the space around him that's often a treat for artists to explore. The images in this gallery reflect all the different sides of the character of Daredevil, and often find fascinating ways to capture the iconic simplicity of that classic red suit. (Don't worry, his original red-and-yellow suit makes a few appearances as well.)

This gallery is optimized for mobile, but should also look great on your desktop. If you think any essential Daredevil art works are missing from this gallery, let us know in comments.


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