Birds of Prey #108 coverThis afternoon I have a better grasp of what to expect at a DC panel. No slides or videos. No lengthy speeches. No making us listen to people talk before getting to the audience Q&A. Nothing fancy. After a short round of introductions we go right to what most people want. Our questions and their answers on most of the DCU team books. Answering our questions were Dan DiDio, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, Sean McKeever, Eddie Berganza, Michael Siglain, Tony Bedard, Dwayne McDuffy and Duncan Rouleau.

Gail Simone started off the talk by saying how much she loves team books. The Birds of Prey are like a puzzle and you have to make all the pieces of every-ones personalities fit together. Every new character changes the dynamic to make for more interesting emotional conflicts. The Secret 6 are an entirely different dynamic. They do care for each other. They cover each others backs. On the other hand they don't let this get in the way of the fact that some day they may have to kill each other.

Justice Society of America #1 coverWhen Geoff Johns was asked the difference between the JSA and the new Justice Society of America he had to think for a sec. He laughingly said that the main difference was that the new book sells better but finally admitted that the new book is more about personality and character focus.

Tony Bedard believes that the Justice League of America is supposed to be the worlds greatest team and it was time for them to be that again. Dwayne McDuffy added that these are really cool guys with cool powers and we needed to see them use them.

Someone wanted to know what was the place of the Outsiders in the current DCU. Tony Bedard answered with another question. What is their reason to exist? While the JLA are very open and public so they have to keep a nice shiny image, the Outsiders are seen as a rogue group. They can go into places and act on situations that other groups can't. If someone notices that they are causing trouble, they will let it go as these are already a rogue group.

When asked if there was a chance of a reunion of the Perez-Wolfman Teen Titans we were only given a cryptic answer of "Come back tomorrow."

While not technically a group, the Sinestro Corps. storyline will run through Green Lantern #25.

Another audience member pointed out that the Teen Titans has been a bit of a depressing book lately. Many characters have died and this has brought the surviving team members down. Sean McKeever jokingly said not to worry, that they would not be so depressed once the rest of the team died. Finally he did say that the team would get a brighter outlook, but things would turn even darker first. It was also confirmed that Supergirl and Blue Beetle will be joining the team. Maybe this will help with the mood.

The Dom Patrol will come back, but not until the timing is right for a new launch.

Next the panel turned to a big of Geo-Force bashing. Someone asked why Geo-Force was in the new Justice League. The only answer anyone has is that Brad Meltzer wanted him there.

T.O. Morrow will again be involved with the Metal Men.

As the Search for Ray Palmer continues we will find out more about Duella Dent and the Crime Syndicate.

Someone asked if Connor Kent was really dead or "Bucky dead." DiDio confirmed that Connor Kent is permanently, temporarily dead. I'm not sure what that means, but is anyone ever really dead in comics?

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