Comic book fans are constantly representing their favorite superheroes with T-Shirts and baseball caps among other apparel, so why should sneakers be any different?

Italian shoemaker Superga is launching a new line of sneakers inspired by the heroes of the DC Universe. The first line includes retro takes on Superman, Green Lantern and Batman. Although not currently available on Superga's United States website, the shoes can be purchased for close to $100 a pair through French retailer Colette, the same company that's responsible for the extremely expensive high-end DC Comics-related fashion wear we highlighted a few weeks ago - come on, don't tell me that you've already forgotten those lovely bejeweled Green Lantern gloves?

Again, these are a bit expensive for my taste, but if you've got the money to shell out for these superhero sneakers, you could certainly do worse on the fashion side of things. Really, those Green Lantern shoes are pretty badass, even if they're more in line with Aquaman's color scheme.[Link via Blog@Newsarama]

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