As many toys as I've amassed, I have to admit, circumstance hasn't been kind to my Kubrick collection. I've got plenty of Minimates, superhero Lego dudes and even a few Mega Bloks characters, but very few of Japan's favorite brickish figures. Lucky for obsessives like me wishing to play catch-up, the new DC Comics 75th Anniversary Super Deluxe Kubrick Set knocks out some prerequisite collector's items in one fell swoop.

While it's principally a Batman set a glance, its multiple versions of the Dark Knight (including animated, comic book and two cinematic versions) are rounded out by a "Super Man Returns" Man of Steel and three Bat baddies.

The set contains 10 Kubricks in all and only sets buyers back $85 at the Big Bad Toystore - making each Kubrick a little cheaper than the going rate for most contemporary single-packed toys in similar scales. Plus, there's four Batmen. Four! Now, if only Marvel would release a special 71st anniversary pack this year to help me balance my collection out...[Via Topless Robot]

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