Sick of "Iron Man 2" yet? Me neither! Alright, maybe just a little. But there's enough room in my heart - and, more importantly, on my book shelf - for some more IM2 merchandise, assuming the quality is there. And when it comes to the upcoming "Iron Man 2" Kubricks from Medicom Toy, quality is practically a given.

As you'll no doubt guess, the Kubricks are very Shellhead-centric, featuring Mark IV, Mark V (briefcase armor) and Mark VI versions of Iron Man. There's also War Machine, Black Widow and Whiplash. The Kubricks hit toy shelves in November (though a Bearbricks line featuring an Iron Bear is out in June) of this year, causing one to wonder why they're taking so long to come out - but perhaps by the time they do come out, the relentless Iron Man onslaught will finally be over and we'll actually want new Stark Industries products. A fan can dream, can't he?Source: Toys R Evil

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