Since debuting with the New York Mets in 2015, pitcher Noah Syndergaard has become a fan-favorite in the Big Apple. As one of the most awe-inspiring aces pitching in Major League Baseball today, Syndergaard was quick to establish a memorable persona. That was doubly helped when a photo of him working out dressed like Thor made the rounds. The flowing blonde locks, the Norwegian name, and the larger-than-life profile made the nickname stick.

Now, Marvel and the Mets have teamed up to give "Thor" his very own bobblehead in a promotion this season. Rather than just making a plain Thor in Mets colors however, the team and publisher are going all out with this original and exclusive design.

First of all, as a collector of baseball bobbleheads, I've got to say the concept art for this Syndergaard figure blows every other piece in my collection away. And I own a Philly Phanatic bobblebelly. While the final product may vary, it's rare for bobblheads to have such an inspired design. Usually you've got a caricature version of a player swinging a bat or performing an action in the field. Getting a more heroic incarnation and pitching pose like this is really something special.

Of course, the Mets aren't the Major League Baseball team running a Marvel-themed promotion this year. Eight other professional clubs will be hosting various Marvel bobblehead giveaways throughout the season, with some even holding two. Now themed events are nothing new to baseball games, but Superhero Day is certainly more eventful than Dollar Dog Night... though the afterparty for Dollar Dog Night certainly can be an event unto itself.

Curiously, most of the giveaways are very similar, with three teams each hosting Iron Man and Rocket Raccoon bobblehead promotions. The two characters will have team appropriate colorways, so you won't be getting the exact same figurine at each event, even if the basic mold is nearly identical. Taking things one step further, the San Francisco Giants will not only have Marvel Superhero Days, but will also offer specific VIP experiences for each that include special events before the game, and offer limited edition prints signed by the artist (which is TBD) and the players on the team.

If superhero days aren't your thing, nearly every team is also hosting a Star Wars night with a special giveaway, a Peanuts anniversary event with a giveaway, and a Grateful Dead day with a unique collectible. Check out your local team's promotions and events page for more details on what those events entail.

Tickets for the July 22, 2017 Mets game, where the Noah "Thor" Syndergaard bobblehead is being offered, are available now. The rest of the teams holding Superhero Nights and bobblehead giveaways are listed below, as are the available images of the unique collectibles.



San Francisco Giants
Cincinnati Reds
Minnesota Twins
Milwaukee Brewers
Tampa Bay Rays