The Mets and More MLB Teams Partner With Marvel for Heroic Giveaways
Since debuting with the New York Mets in 2015, pitcher Noah Syndergaard has become a fan-favorite in the Big Apple. As one of the most awe-inspiring aces pitching in Major League Baseball today, Syndergaard was quick to establish a memorable persona. That was doubly helped when a photo of him working out dressed like Thor made the rounds. The flowing blonde locks, the Norwegian name, and the larger-than-life profile made the nickname stick. Now, Marvel and the Mets have teamed up to give "Thor" his very own bobblehead in a promotion this season. Rather than just making a plain Thor in Mets colors however, the team and publisher are going all out with this original and exclusive design.
Paul Windle Draws Skateboarding Dinosaurs And Mid-1970s Baseball Players [Art]
Paul Windle has done editorial illustrations about economic disparity, elections, New York cultural landmarks and our relationship with Abraham Lincoln. But credits in Bloomberg, Businessweek and the New York Times don't mean he can't sketch up a Stegosaurus wielding a sword while riding a skateboard or revel in the facial hair of baseball players from the mid- to late-1970s.
10 Baseball-Loving Comic Book Stars in Honor of the World Series
The 2010 season of Major League Baseball wrapped up in Game 5 of the World Series last night with the San Francisco Giants defeating the Texas Rangers with a final score of 3-1. But fear not, baseball fans, all the passion for America's previously favorite pastime from the past year lives on! Read on for a rundown of how the biggest names in comics have harnessed their love of baseball in the purs