For those who weren't sufficiently impressed by the animated debuts of Super Best Friends Forever or Plastic Man because they weren't quite obscure enough, it's possible that this Saturday's DC Nation on Cartoon Network will bring a smile to your face. Not only are there new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and a new SBFF short, this weekend also marks the debut of... Animal Man!Fans of the dearly departed Brave and The Bold show will probably find the very cartoony new Animal Man shorts to their liking. Despite its wackiness, simply seeing Buddy Baker animated could even please those hoping for a Jeff Lemire-esque treatment of the character (or even a Grant Morrison-like one).

As well as Animal Man, there's also another Super Best Friends Forever short, which sees Batgirl deal with traffic on her Batscooter... which we really need to see more of, let's face it.

DC Nation airs Saturday at 10am Eastern/Pacific on Cartoon Network.

[Via ComicVine]

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