The New Teen Titans are doing the time warp again during this week's DC Nation block on Cartoon Network, with the 1960s-obsessed Mad Mod (and his TARDIS-like machine) giving the 2012 teen superheroes a righteous 1990s makeover. Yes, including a mullet or two, and yes, we have a clip under the jump to prove it. As if that weren't enough, there's also some appropriately cartoony Plastic Man to see as well.

While the Teen Titans seem a little thrown off by the manifestation of their retro look, I particularly love that each character actually gets a version of their 1990s comic look. For those younger than a certain age, Beast Boy's hair really did look like that back then, even if he was going by "Changeling." The looks are overall a nice touch given the name of this series of animated shorts is New Teen Titans, just like the comic series which ran from 1980-1996.

[Editors Note: I think Mad Mod's henchmen are supposed to be Power Rangers maybe? Whoah! -- Caleb]

Plastic Man doesn't travel through time in his short, which wouldn't affect his generally more timeless costume anyway, but he does get meta with a short that sees him trapped inside your television...

Elsewhere on tomorrow's DC Nation, Hal and Kilowog find themselves stranded on an alien planet with supplies (and power rings) running low in Green Lantern: The Animated Series, while Young Justice finally reveals the identity of the traitor in the team's midst.

DC Nation begins at 10am Eastern/Pacific tomorrow on Cartoon Network.

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