Obviously we remain despondent by the cancelation of Disney XD's groundbreaking and increasingly addictive animated series TRON: Uprising, but the sting of losing that most cool of cartoons has been soothed considerably by the knowledge that in its wake has come something perhaps even cooler. What's happened is that TRON designer and comic book artist Robert Valley hooked up with Warner Bros. Animation to produce what's plainly going to be the next fan favorite from the already formidable DC Nation shorts campaign: Wonder Woman.

A radical departure from how William Moulton Marston's classic superheroine has been depicted throughout the decades, Valley's animated short casts Princess Diana of the Amazons not as a regal envoy nor a ferocious warrior, but as a stunning badass in a funky, '70s-styled oasis where her tiara's been exchanged for a chunky headband, her patriotic bathing suit has been replaced with a red t-shirt and what looks like some beach-appropriate, star-spangled boyshorts, and where her invisible plane has been traded in for an All-American hot rod complete with personalized plates. Valley's aesthetic twists seem completely at odds with what we think of as Wonder Woman and yet what we see rings absolutely true. Perhaps Hollywood has found  the Wonder Woman angle that's so famously eluded filmmakers for all these years?

See for yourself in this 30 second preview and keep an eye on Cartoon Network's DC Nation programming to see the complete work.