Marvel is no longer the only superhero game in town on Wizkids and NECA's HeroClix TabbApp. Starting in November fans will be able to pick up special TabbApp-compatible HeroClix figures based on DC Comics characters, including New 52 versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, plus The Dark Knight Rises-style Bats, Bane and Catwoman. Like the Marvel figures, the DC HeroClix TabbApp figures will activate "special maps and comic scenarios." Early teaser images seem to indicate that these comics will exist as part of their own kid-friendly narrative rather than be tied directly to any specific continuity. As is the case in HeroClix Online, it doesn't appear Marvel and DC characters will be able to do Amalgam-style battle on the app itself, but enterprising players shouldn't have a problem pitting the tabletop pieces against each other in traditional gameplay since all HCTA pieces function as regular 'clix as well. The DC HCTA functionality trailer isn't live just yet, but you can hit the jump for a few advance product images.

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