Fans have seen plenty of Metropolis and Gotham from Sony's DC Universe Online MMORPG, but those sandbox-like cities are hardly the only destinations for action in the title. Today DCUO Game Director Chris Cao walks players through one of game's most extraterrestrial spots with a preview of a group combat alert at the Cadmus run Area 51, where heroes and villains alike will go head-to-head with Brainiac's invading forces."Alerts" in DCUO are described as instant-action, quick groupings where players can jump in with heroes or villains to face one of the many challenges that are attacking Earth at any given time. In the case of Area 51, players have to team up to stop Brainiac's forces from destroying Cadmus' Area 51, which is full of advanced technology that could be use against the alien artificial intelligence. There's also the issue of Area 51's stockpiled Kryptonite, which Brainiac wants to harvest to use against Superman and Earth's other Kryptonian heroes.

Cao emphasizes that these alerts are about a lot more than straight combat and will require coordinated teamwork and puzzle-solving skills to successfully complete. As many robots as there are to smash, it seems like the button-mashing crowd will still find plenty of satisfaction if they can team with a patient group of players.

See the full video preview below:

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