Thanks to its hearty set of character creation options, Sony's DC Universe Online MMORPG has so far met the challenge of inviting fans to play in a world where they work alongside heroes and villains rather than adopt their roles directly. Of course, the team behind DCUO was still kind enough to throw in character-themed battle suits to more or less make a Batman or Joker out of fans longing to don those particular mantles in an honorary fashion.DCUO Game Director Chris Cao outlines the two new "iconic battle suits" in a new video with a look at Batman's winged "Dark Spectre Batsuit," which is designed for stealth, and the Joker's "Punchline" suit, which is loaded with weapons (but may explode at any moment).

The new battle suits join previously teased Wonder Woman and Black Adam armors that more magic-based characters can claim on their adventures. Could Superman and Lex Luthor battle suits be far behind? Personally, I think a B'wana Beast loincloth would be a welcome addition to the game.

Check out the new suit footage below: