DC Universe Online's regularly scheduled non-playable character rollouts have been a lot more exciting since we learned hands-on that gamers will have a chance to draw heavily from the heroes and villains that inspire them when creating their own playable character. Obviously, a lot of fans will want to feel like a part of the Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman family, but the sorcery crowd will surely dig the option to draw on the look and/or powers of the infamous Wonder Woman villainess, Circe.The latest images of Circe pit the sorceress' powerful magic against a number of custom characters, plus her rival Wonder Woman. There's illuminated spell casting constructs, explosions and ominous clouds aplenty surrounding the villain, but sadly, she doesn't seem to be transfiguring any characters into animals, as is her custom. Perhaps when the game drops in early 2011 there'll be at least a little of that old Homerian magic going on?

At a glance some might feel that DCUO's version of Circe bears a striking resemblance to another popular well-known existing supernatural comic book character. That is all Chris Sims' fault. Strike those thoughts from your mind and carry on!

See DCUO's latest shots of Circe in action, along with a flythrough of Metropolis' mystic Chinatown below: