Although it's a popular joke among film buffs and other various species of fandom, very few film trailers are memorable enough to truly necessitate their own DVD-style commentary tracks. The classic "The Dark Knight" trailer and those created by Pixar certainly spring to mind, but any forthcoming trailer-centric features will have to catch up to the remarkable presentation put together by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee and Blur Studio's Tim Miller for the "Who Do You Trust?" trailer, which was released this this week in support of "DC Universe Online."In what Sony Online Entertainment is calling a "Director's Cut" (although it's not actually a new version of the trailer), Lee and Miller go extremely deep into the production of "Who Do You Trust?", and with as much giddiness as you would expect from a couple of true blue fanboys.

Mimicking an NFL commentator with their analysis of a game, Lee and Miller pause, play and rewind portions of the trailer to show you bits of cool background violence and other things you may have missed. They also touch specifically on Geoff Johns' story for "DC Universe Online," which provides the mechanism by which players and their avatars enter the digital DC Universe.

See the trailer for yourself below:

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