Becoming a Green Lantern isn't really a choice in DC Comics lore. One day you're crashing planes or whatever, the next you're getting yelled at by Kilowog. The ring chooses you, Poozer! If you want to wield a construct-making ring, but you're a gamer without the power to overcome universe-ending levels of fear (a strong indication that you're sane, by the way), DC Universe Online's new "Fight For the Light" DLC pack is probably for you. Current players can now get free access to joining either the GL Corps or the Sinestro Corps and all the benefits and privileges therein.In addition to gaining appropriately green or yellow construct powers, lanternized players will get to battle their emotional opposites as well as the raging Red Lantern Corps across cosmic environments. Key lanterns like Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, plus Sinestro and his pals will be around to guide players through places like S.T.A.R. Labs, Coast City, and Oa's Sciencells Prison.

Catch all three of DC Universe Online's "Fight For the Light" videos below:

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