While DC and Warner Bros. continue to fiddle around with their upcoming movie slate, there are still a few, like The Flash and Green Lantern Corps, that lack directors. To fix this problem, at least for one of these, David S. Goyer, who is one of the co-writers of Green Lantern Corps along with Justin Rhodes, might also be tasked with directing it.

Tracking Board member Jeff Sneider told Meet the Movie Press about the possibility — although, for now, a possibility is all it is.

I’m hearing David Goyer could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself. When you look at screenwriters that are taking the plunge and directing these movies themselves, we saw rumors last month that Simon Kinberg was going to direct the next X-Men movie. David Goyer is responsible for this entire DC Universe, he wrote Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. He wrote Man of Steel, he is the architect, if you will. He is writing and producing Green Lantern Corps, so it’s just very well, what I have heard, one of those situations where he could be like ‘Listen, I think I may be the best guy for the job, nobody knows this like I do.’

Sneider’s characterization of Goyer as the “architect” of the DC movie universe is apt, as he has had a hand in most of Warner Bros. superhero movies since Batman Begins. So at least as far as the writing is concerned, he knows what he’s about. (Whether you blame him or Zack Snyder for DC’s current plague of dimly-lit glumness is up to you.) But as far as directing goes, his experience is quite another story: He is, after all, the guy who brought us Blade Trinity, far and away regarded as the worst of the series. But that was wayyy back in 2004, so maybe his skills have matured since then. He’s mostly been sticking with TV lately, directing a couple episodes of Flashforward and Da Vinci’s Demons, so there’s really no telling whether he’s up to taking on a big DC movie — that has the added complication of having to introduce a bunch of characters into the universe right at the beginning.

For now, this is all speculation, as Green Lantern Corps doesn’t look like it’ll take off anytime soon. They still haven’t cast their two leads (although there is a shortlist of possibilities). Be prepared for more shakeups like this as DC continues to iron out their schedule.

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