Sony Online Entertainment released this week another in an increasingly appetite-whetting series of videos in advance of DC Universe Online, the massively multiplayer role-playing game based on the superheroes of DC Comics. Supplementing the already impressive character creation features, the latest clip previews "Iconic Battle Suits," described as the ultimate reward for players. After enough points are accumulated, players can receive from Wonder Woman or Black Adam a themed battle suit.Both Wonder Woman and Black Adam's battlesuits are rooted in the more mythological side of the DCUO spectrum, with their combined pieces reflecting the might of their respective Greek and Egyptian mythologies. Wonder Woman's armor, Hera's Strength, assembles the might of the gods of Mt. Olympus, while Black Adam's Anubis Shroud wards off the forces of its deathly namesake. From the gameplay shown, both outfits seem to pack the kind of power their names imply.

More tech-based armors gifted from heroes like Batman and villains like the Joker are set to join these mythical suits down the line, meaning players should have plenty of in-game costume advancements to look forward to.

Check out the video below for a look at the new duds: