DC Universe Online's 16th update is now live, and with it comes splishy-splashy fun with Aquaman and his half-brother Ocean Master as they engage in deadly civil war "Unda da sea" and on dry land. Ocean Master and some unhappy Atlanteans are trying to take Aquaman's throne and its up to players to ally themselves with one of the two bros and change the fate of the DCU. This scenario will yield "all-new boss battle with up to four players, open world missions on the waters between Metropolis and Little Bohemia, Atlantean turrets throughout the map, and a slew of new rewards and item drops including Atlantean Suit appearance, Fisherman appearance and new pets!" according to the official DCUO site. DCUO's marketplace is also stocked with "Tides of War" tie-in items such as the Dino Swim Ring, the SCUBA Suit, and the Vanguard of the Deep skin. You can take a look at gameplay footage and screen shots of the DC Universe Online "Tides of War" update after the jump.

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"Tides of War" Images

"Tides of War" Items in the DCUO Marketplace