David Lapham and Kyle Baker seem like an odd choice for an ongoing creative team for Deadpool MAX. They're both best known for working on their own (Lapham on crime comics, Baker on comedy), but they work surprisingly well together. The first issue of Deadpool MAX was gross, funny, violent, and well worth reading. It took Deadpool and delivered a slightly (slightly) more realistic take on his personal universe and added in a large dose of cruelty for good measure.

This exclusive preview of Deadpool MAX #3 shows that they're keeping the magic going. Deadpool is facing off against a Baron Zemo who isn't just a Nazi... he's part of the Ku Klux Klan. The cover features him fighting a Sexy Nazi Assassin. Deadpool MAX may be the meanest comic Marvel's publishing right now. Find out why in our mostly safe for work preview after the jump.

The history of the 20th Century is the history of great leaps toward the fulfillment of a promise – a promise made by these United States to be a land where and all are created equal. For Baron Helmut Emmerich Von Zemo, though, the 20th Century was an unmitigated disaster that must be combated by EXTREME steps. And what should happen when Deadpool is tasked to take down out this hood-wearing warrior of hate? Feel the freeing power of the gun and the sword!

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