The MONSTERS Project continues with a piece of original art by artist and Emmy winner Dean Haspiel, who has previously lent his drawing hand to American Splendor, the webcomic collective Act-i-Vate, and the recent Vertigo graphic novel Cuba: My Revolution.

Frankenstein has been a popular character in the Monsters Project, and Haspiel continues the tradition with a ghoulish, slightly melancholy version of the Mary Shelley monster. And while the illustration only depicts the piecemeal monster from the neck up, we choose to believe that he is a shirtless Frankenstein.

We'll be presenting more monster-themed original art for the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, and later offering it for sale on eBay to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and its mission to defend free speech in comics.

(Also, if you're an artist who still wants to contribute monster art to support the CBLDF, it's not too late! Hit us up!)

If you missed our previous Monsters Project updates, take a look at Jeffrey Brown's take on Frankenstein, Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi's Medusa, and Tom Fowler's Sad Frankenstein, now on sale at the CBLDF. Check out a larger version of Haspiel's monster after the jump.

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