If you'd asked me back when it was coming out to put a bet on which character from Seven Soldiers would actually go on to become the most prominent of the DC Universe, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have put any money on Frankenstein. Just for the record, I would've backed the Manhattan Guardian all the way to the bank, and yet, here we are, in a DC Universe where Frankenstein is showing up everywhere.

It was just last week that he showed up leading the Creature Commandos in a cross-time caper in Justice League United, and this week, he's doing what all great heroes in the DC Universe must do in order to get to that next level of fame: Getting in a fistfight with Superman. And it's awesome.


Action Comics #46


If you haven't been following along with the story by Greg Pak, Aaron Kuder and Scott Kolins that's going on in this week's Action Comics #46, the basic idea is that there's a person named Wrath (not to be confused with The Wrath, the ersatz Batman) whose sinister goals involve infecting Superman with a shadowy substance called Black Mass (not to be confused with Geoffrey Thibodeaux, the Justice League villain of the same name) that's driving him into more and more furious rages. The good news is that he's been able to resist thus far, but the bad news is that he's not the only one who's been infected, and without the strong moral values of a childhood on the farm, Frankenstein seems to be a lot less able to resist getting into a big punch-up.

I am, of course, a noted fan of DC's current version of Frankenstein, so it does my heart good to see him popping up in so many places despite not having an ongoing series of his own (or a permanent spot in the JLA, which, c'mon) at the moment. I mean, if nothing else, he's following in the footsteps of big names like Batman and Captain Marvel, so here's hoping punching out Superman takes him to the next level.


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