It's been awhile since we've seen screenwriter Max Landis explain comic tales. Turns out the "Cooking With Comics" pioneer who so succinctly explained Batman: Knightfall has been busy with projects including Chronicle, a major motion picture about psychic teens going psycho that opened up this weekend. Landis hasn't forgotten about his comicsplanation roots, however, and has created a robust short summarizing the death and return of Superman (no, not the SNES game, the comic storyline).

Hardcore comic book fans will want to keep in mind that the explanation of the epic arc is fairly tongue-in-cheek (and fueled by hooch), so not every detail syncs up with canon. Some will also debate the particulars of the short's central argument regarding how this particular storyline changed superhero comics. In the end, it's best to just kick back and enjoy seeing Mandy Moore, Elijah Wood and a super hilarious surprise guest sum up one of comics' landmark tales. Also? Five For Fighting's "Superman" gets the cover it's always deserved.

Take in the NSFW awesomeness below:

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