It's not uncommon for ComicsAlliance to report on comic book bans or overreactions - especially when they're worth poking at least a little bit of fun at. In the case of New Mexico's Albuquerque Public Schools and Tsugumi Ohba's "Death Note" manga, though, remarkably cool heads seem to be prevailing.

A parent of a Volcano Vista High School wanted the manga banned, citing its death-related subject matter, but a committee voted unanimously against their proposed district-wide ban that would have affected more than 13 other high schools.

In an unrelated, but equally sane and rational development, a 14-year-old eighth grader in Pennsylvania was suspended from Avonworth Middle School last week after leaving a piece of notebook paper with "Death Note" and a list of names (including pop sensation Justin Bieber) written on it on a school bus. While that may seem harsh, those who have attended public schools anytime in the past decade will likely agree that it's a pretty gentle reminder for the kid to use common sense. Area Police looked into the matter, found that no laws had been broken and Chief Norbert Micklos was quoted as stating, "There was nothing that substantiated a threat; just names and a date on it."

Parents protecting free speech? Law enforcement acting with relative discretion? Someone wanting to sick a shinigami on the 'Beebs? I'll be right back, I have to go make sure cats and dogs aren't living together.[Via Anime News Network]

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