As much as comic book fans love superheroes and monsters, it's amazing that so few publishers have merged the concepts better than Dell, who combined Universal's movie monsters with Silver Age style costumed crimefighters in the mid '60s to stunning (if short-lived) effect. Lasting only three issues each, Dell's Dracula, Frankenstein and The Werewolf have sorely been lacking from contemporary comic store shelves for far too long.

In the spirit of wish-fulfillment and Halloween hijinks, artist Chris Haley of Let's Be Friends Again(nimbly assisted on keyboard-mashing duties by Joel Priddy) has reimagined the classic heroes with all new origin stories for a more monstrous modern era! Check them out after the jump, and tell us which one of the reimagined monsters is your favorite!



To restore honor to the family name, young Dr. Dracula had only one choice:w TO RESEARCH THE HEALING POWERS OF BAT BLOOD! But when his homeland is invaded by a brutal dictator, Dracula discovers that his formula grants him the astounding ability to transform -- INTO A BAT!!! Now in America – under the name Al U. Card – Dracula and his sidekick Fleeta fight "AGAINST THE INJUSTICE, CORRUPTION, EVIL AND GREED WHICH FILLS THIS EARTH!!!!"

THE GREEN-FACED GOLIATH AWAKES! Alone in an abandoned castle near Metropole City! WHO IS HE? WHAT IS HE? IS HE EVEN A MAN?!!! Hiding his monstrous appearance under a lifelike rubber mask, he establishes himself as millionaire philanthropist Frank Stone! But when danger calls - - he uses his superhuman strength and intellect in the service of Justice!!! FOR IF MEN CANNOT SAVE THEMSELVES - - - - FRANKENSTEIN WILL SAVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!


A man without a memory crash-lands deep in the Arctic Circle! Nurtured to health a pack of noble wolves, he slowly recalls his life as an air force pilot – but prefers his life in the wilderness! Believed dead by he world, he is recruited by the CIA for -- TOP PRIORITY UNIT ONE!!! Trained to physical perfection, skilled in the art of physiognomical disguise, outfitted with the most advanced equipment – like the superlative STEALTH SUIT – and accompanied by his faithful wolf companion – THOR - Major Wiley Wolf is democracy's most secret weapon!!!!! A WEAPON CODE-NAMED - - - - WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!


The Mummy

The roar of the engines! The squeal of the tires! A terrible crash! World famous race car drive Ken Tut is placed in traction -- FOR LIFE!!! But when a mysterious lightning bolt strikes his X-ray machine, he finds himself healing – moving – thinking – FASTER THAN 100 MEN!!!! Disguised as The Zippster, Tut sneaks out to wage his high velocity war on villainy – without arousing the suspicions of Nurse Lucy Lakes who – along with the whole world – thinks of him only as - - - - THE MUMMY!!!!!


The Creature From the Black Nebula

When mysterious aliens infiltrated the US Army's Black Lagoon Research Base, Dr. Gill Mann knew he had one desperate chance to save his secret atomic rocket fuel: Convince them Earth had already been invaded by something EVEN MORE DIABOLICAL!!! In his modified space/scuba suit, Dr. Mann terrified the invaders – and foiled their plot!! Swearing to keep America safe from all such threats - along with his lab assistant - Felicity Fisch - Gill roams the blackest lagoon of all -- OUTER SPACE! Now, all who would see the Earth tremble in fear will themselves learn to fear - - - - THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK NEBULA!!!!!!!!


The Invisible Ray

I. Griffin's grandfather had made an amazing discovery – the secret of invisibility! But Griffin discovered a second, even more astoundingly powerful formula in his grandfather's laboratory - - - THE SECRET OF THE INVISIBLE RAY!!!!! Now Griffin can project an amazing beam of energy – that turns people into monsters!! Vampires – werewolves – medusas - and zombies!!!!! A powerful army he could use for Good! But will he control the fiends he summons -- OR WILL THEY CONTROL HIM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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